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Air Chambers

Air Chambers

Not all air chambers are created equal. Our vulcanized, 24 gauge, cloth-backed rubber air chambers are the core feature of our air bed. Incredibly well-designed and built, our air chambers include almost too may features to list!


But we'll give it a try:


  • Our 24 Gauge Air Chambers are thick and durable, and provide a full six inches of air suspension.


  • Natural Cotton is bonded to the latex chambers, creating a soft texture and helping eliminate air leakage.


  • The Vulcanized Design process virtually eliminates seams.


  • I-Beam Construction creates strong and durable chambers.


  • Double-Sealed Chamber Borders are constructed with a 1.25 inch seam and reinforced with another 1.25 inch seam for maximum strength.


  • The user-friendly Cam-Lock Fitting gently twist-locks onto the air inflator, creating an air-tight, trouble-free seal.


  • The Cam-Lock Connector houses the unique Pressure Activated Air-Lock Internal Seal, which prevents back-flow of air, allowing the bed to be moved without the need to deflate the chambers.


  • The Uni-Bonded Chamber/Hose Assembly turns the entire assembly into a single unit. No connections to fail, no air loss.


  • Our Steel Reinforced Kink-Free Hose improves pump life be reducing strain on the motor.


  • The Brass Reinforced Connection Boot assures that there will be NO AIR LOSS at the critical hose connection point.


Note: The digital air inflator MUST BE acclimated to room temperature for 24 hours prior to attempting to operate. Failure to do this may result in the inflator not functioning properly.

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