RV Mattresses

Traditional RV beds are uncomfortable. Usually they are low quality coil spring mattresses placed directly on a wood platform without a box spring. Bearbeds has found a solution to these uncomfortable RV beds. Through exhaustive research (sleeping in everyone's bed to find the one that's "just right"), the Bearbeds' Teddy Bear himself has found the answer to a good night's sleep -- and it was in the air all the time!

You could spend thousands on a super high quality metal coil mattress and still not achieve a good night's sleep in your RV because a conventional mattress needs a box spring to work properly. There just isn't room for a box spring in most RVs. A Bearbed air mattress doesn't need a box spring to work properly. In fact, a box spring is totally unnecessary! Just lay the mattress right on the plywood in your RV and you are ready for a comfortable night.

Our super high-quality and durable Air Beds (read about our warranty here) use a cushion of air as their main system of support, reducing the number of pressure points on your body and increasing the likelyhood that you will end up with a good night's sleep. And while a good night's sleep may be worth a million bucks, purchasing one of our air beds won't put you in the poor house.


With a traditional mattress, it is impossible to adjust the firmness level to the preference of each individual. Either you or your spouse, or both of you, are forced to compromise your comfort level. But with the Bearbeds air mattress, you can control the firmness level of each side of the bed independently of the other with the touch of a button! Now both you and your spouse can have exactly the firmness level you desire and the deep and sound sleep that comes with being comfortable.