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How to Measure a Mattress: Step-by-Step Instructions

Before rushing to buy a bed frame or bedding, you must know the size of your mattress. With the right process, taking its dimensions is quick and easy. However, before we get there, it’s essential to know why you need to have accurate mattress measurements before shopping for a new bed frame or bedding or even shopping for a new mattress.

How to measure a mattress

5 Reasons Why You Need to Measure Your Mattress Size

Determining the size of your mattress gives you an idea of the mattress you want to purchase. Here are some important reasons for knowing the difference between mattress sizes and how to properly determine what size mattress you have and/or need.

1. Proper Fitting

Imagine going shopping for a bed frame or foundation only to purchase one smaller or larger than your mattress. Taking the dimensions of your mattress helps avoid the frustration of shopping for bedding and bed frames that do not fit the size of your mattress. Furthermore, a mattress that fits your body and sleeping style is good for your health.

2. Spending

Different mattress sizes have varying costs. You must know the size of your mattress before going shopping. Otherwise, you might purchase a costly mattress only to find it does not fit in your bed frame or foundation.

3. Mattress Thickness

While most people know the length and width of a mattress, the height is quickly forgotten. The height of the mattress helps you determine the size of the bed frame and bed sheets. The thicker the mattress, the more likely you will need to purchase deep pocket bed sheets. On average, a standard mattress has a thickness of between 8 to 12 inches. However, it’s possible to come across mattresses with a thickness of 14 to 18 inches.

4. Bed Size

The height of your bed determines the thickness of your mattress. .

5. Movement

Knowing the size of your mattress helps you make proper plans when moving. It would be best if you had a mattress that comfortably fits your bedroom, hallways, and stairways. For example, consider using a split king bed and mattress if a king-size bed appears too huge for your room.

Most Common Measurements For Mattresses

As noted earlier, mattresses come in different sizes. Below is a table showing some of the most common sizes you’ll find in the market and the recommended room size for each. Note that the measurements indicate the length and width of the mattress.

Mattress Size


Minimum Room Size Required

Cal King

72” x 84”

12’ x 12’

Eastern King

76” x 80”

12’ x 12’


60” x 80”

10’ x 10’


54” x 75”

10’ x 10’

Twin XL

38” x 80”

7’ x 10’


38” x 75”

7’ x 10’

How To Measure A Mattress

To quickly and easily determine the size of your mattress, below is a helpful step-by-step process:

Step 1: Remove the Bedding

To accurately measure the mattress, you must ensure the mattress isn’t covered by duvets, bed sheets, blankets, mattress protectors, or other items. Otherwise, you’ll risk making inaccurate measurements.

Step 2: Begin Measuring the Height

Start by lifting the mattress from the bed so you can fully view its height. Using a tape measure, take the height dimensions from the middle of one of the lengths. Also, take the height at the corners. Repeat the same for the second length and see how well they match. The highest is probably the closest to the mattress’s height.

Step 3: Measure the Width and Length

Begin measuring the length from the center of the top side to the center of the bottom. That is where you will get the actual length of the mattress. When measuring the width, go to the center and measure from one side to the other. It gives the closest approximation of the mattress’s width. Record the readings you made. In this case, you note them in the style of width by length (Width x Length). For example, 60” x 80”.


1. How do you measure mattress width and length?

The best way to take your measurements for your mattress is at the center. Measure the length from the center top to the center bottom. For the width, measure the center of one length to the center of the other.

2. What is the standard way of recording the mattress dimensions?

The globally recognized way of stating the mattress size is width by length and is indicated in inches. For example, that could be written as 38 x 75 inches or 38” x 75”, where the quotation marks mean inches.

3. Why do I need to know the size of a mattress?

Knowing the mattress size tells you whether it will fit your bed frame and if your bedding is the correct size for the mattress.



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