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The Key to a Good Night’s Rest

We all need to shut the engine off at some point. Humans are no different than cars. We all eventually run out of gas.

Technically, our engine (the heart) never shuts off, but sleep is that time when we can finally rest and recharge for a better tomorrow.

Most of us do not sleep enough. Not exactly earth-shattering news, right? You’re likely one of those people. Things (work, family, obligations, etc) get in the way of sleep. When we have the opportunity to hang out on a Thursday night with friends, and then we need to work on Friday while also attending a school play, something has to give. That something is sleep.

We’ve all heard how important it is to get 8 hours of sleep per night. That’s a lot for most adults. The average adult sleeps from anywhere in the 6.5 to 7.5 hours range. Yes, you can survive on 6 hours of sleep, but a routine of fewer than 7 hours has been linked with poor health outcomes. This can include high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and depression among others.

We know how important a good night’s rest is. The next step is choosing something to rest upon. We all remember trips to grandma’s house and sleeping in those uncomfortable beds leftover from another time in history. How the heck did she make it to 85 sleeping on this? It’s a good question, and while grandma made it, this doesn’t mean you need to sleep uncomfortably for your remaining years.

To begin, the general terminology surrounding adjustable airbeds and mattresses is confusing. We don’t want to contribute to baffling or bewildering you, so we’ll give it to you straight. Adjustable airbeds are simply beds that allow you to set your firmness level - period. That’s easy enough, right? An adjustable airbed can be inflated or deflated to adjust to you. That’s where the value lies. Additionally, depending on the mattress, you might even be able to adjust each side separately. After all, as numerous wise women and men can attest, the key to a happy relationship or marriage is comfortable sleep.

There’s been a lot of research on the ideal foundation for good, quality sleep. Sleeping on a medium-firm mattress promotes spinal alignment and sleep comfort. The problem is that medium-firm for me likely feels different than medium-firm for you. The differences aren’t massive, but we each have our own “firmness thresholds.” This is why an adjustable, personalized airbed is so valuable. You set your own medium-firm setting and take it from there.

Lastly, there are five items to consider when deciding on an adjustable airbed: The company’s reputation, its policies, safety, reviews, and materials. If you can check the box next to each, you’re on the road to some of the best sleep on the market today!



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